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206 South 4th Street
Glenrock, WY
United States



Contact Us

Glenrock Area Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 411
204 South 4th Street
Glenrock, WY 82637

Facebook: Glenrock Wyoming Chamber

Board Members: 
President, Randy Rumpler, Town of Glenrock
Vice President, Phill Harnden, 307 Photography
Sec. / Treas., Scott Pratt, P & P Farms
Board Member, Kristy Grant, Short Supply LLC
Board Member, Troy Hopkins, Glenrock Components
Board Member, Heather Steele, Happy Hounds Salon & sPaw



Glenrock is located in Central Wyoming at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains nestled along the Deer Creek Tributary System. Deer Creek flows into the North Platte River approximately one mile north of town. The Oregon, Bozeman, Texas and California trails came together along Deer Creek and the Platte River. The countryside, with monuments, gravesites and forts in the surrounding area, still shows many of the signs of the emigrant’s passage. Fort Fetterman is 28 miles to the east and Fort Casper is 25 miles to the west of Glenrock. There are monuments marking the Deer Creek Station stage stop near Glenrock and the Deer Creek Museum is the perfect place to relive the beginnings of the town.

This environment leads to a unique living experience of being close to nature.  Besides antelope, raccoon, hawks, eagles, skunks and the occasional coyote or fox that can be seen in the surrounding areas, it is not unusual to see deer enjoying the comforts of town in the fall and winter months.